Artistic approach

Julie lives in the Morvan's Forest in Bourgogne. She is daily immerged in natural environment which nurtures deeply her engagement to create art.

Indeed, she spends time to observe, to walk, to see the beauty of nature. She collects nature elements: leafs, seeds, flowers, rocks, earth, etc related to seasons's pace. She transforms them to give them a new form.

Artistic process is based on nature's cycles. Each art renders this: the end of a cycle, transformation and a brand new one. All this process is totally incarnated.

She practises different natural tecnics: leaf pounding, tree printing, naturel painting and vegetal dyeing.

Thus, this approach testifies that life is eternal and that death is part of the life's process.

Each art is bio originated and can be give back to the earth. 



Julie was born in south of France in Montpellier.
She keeps from her childhood in Garrigue, the love of nature, space and colors.

After several companies experiences, she chose to live in Forêt in Bourgogne with her family to be closer to nature and lives fully her values.
She also started to teach yoga that she practises for more than 10 years. Indeed, the body connexion nurtures her and is so present in her art process.

All this inspires her daily. Her artistic approach shows the wish to
- take care of the livings
- be connected to nature
- to be connected to season's pace, to her own cycles, to her body
- use local ressources
- decrease her environmental impact

Today, she is an engaged naturalist artist.


ART, it was not my way at the beginning. And not the vegetal

And finally, the soil was prepared during childhood.

I remember, I am 12 years old, our scientific teacher ask us to create an herbarium. It is a first revelation for me to put names on plants I see almost everyday. Salsapareilla became known.
Two years later, in art lessons, we have to create an art on fabric. It's one of the most wonderfull studying memory. I was inspired by a chinese landscape, drawn in a book of my mum I love so much. I drew the landscape and sticked on it local vegetal such as mimosa and bamboo.

I am 22 years old and I study in a business school. I am dreaming of living in London and working in a bank. One year later, after several business's experiences, I came back to finish my degree in Grenoble. I discover surrounding montains for the first time.
What a moment, nature is opening the way. I discover its beauty and its universe that strikes me when I was a kid.

And then, I walk. I work in a bank in Paris and then in Montpellier in the family company. I live to dust off, prepare the soil to live in the forest. And then, one day, I say yes with heart open: yes. With my husband and ou 2 kids, we are going lo live on the forest. After a year in ecological renovation, we enter our home, our vegetal cocoon. That's here, that something impressive happens.

My body talks, inside, very deeply. I am afraid, but 3 months later, I choose to listen to him. I understand that I have to create and I experiment so many things to find my own art. All this is support by yoga that helps me to listen to my body.
On my ancestral fabric, dyed with love and presence, I print the vegetal and its essence, to make them go throught time, to stay in memories and to testify of their beauty.
Vegetal Arts came alive.
I live this way, by following the season circle, with everyday a presence and love for life deeper and deeper. Because forest made me feel alive. 

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